The Garland Pose – How to Do This Deep Squat Asana

The Garland Pose – How to Do This Deep Squat Asana

The garland pose or Malasana will provide freedom and flexibility to your spine and groins. Your body will gain strength and balance if you perform this asana on a regular basis. Also, this is great at relieving stress and quieting your mind. But let’s see the necessary steps to perform this pose.

Getting into the Pose

You must start the Malasana pose from the mountain asana. Stand tall and keep your spine straight as well as your entire body perfectly aligned. Keep your feet together. Optionally, you can spread your toes and even your soles for a better support and balance. Start bending your knees. You can do this a lot easier if you press your heels into the ground. Don’t forget to maintain an equal body weight on both feet. When your knees will be completely bent, your body should be in a position similar to a squat. The only difference is that this time, the garland squat pose is much deeper than a regular squat. Also, your knees must be as far apart from the other.

Next Steps

If you have troubles with your heels lifting from the ground, you can always use a folded blanket or mat to support them. Remember that the thighs must be wider than your torso. Still, your feet should be kept close together. Lean your upper body a bit in front while placing your upper arms to the inside part of your knees. Press your knees with your elbows without pushing your body way out of its comfort zone. Then, bring your palms together like in a prayer. Your hands should be close to your heart area, while your forearms must be parallel to the floor. Try to lift your torso and lengthen your spine as much as you can. Align your body and maintain your back straight. Also, keep your shoulders relaxed. Your body weight should be shifted into your heels. Hold this pose for about five breaths. To release the garland pose, you must extend your legs while you inhale and push your body up in a standing position. 

Additional Tips 

If you have a hard time finding your balance, you can keep your palms down on the floor and spread your fingers in front. Another solution is to use a yoga bolster or block and place it under the hips for a better support. 

All your movements must be slow and controlled. Avoid pushing or forcing your body in any way.

Maintain your legs engaged and tight. Avoid bouncing your hips or thighs up and down. Otherwise, you might overstrain your flexors and knees.

If you are doing this pose for the first time, try to bend your knees first. Then, once you get into a squat position, you can safely spread your knees. 

Summing It Up

The garland pose will help your groins gain more flexibility and freedom of movement. Also, it will lengthen your spine and create an overall balance throughout your entire body. Not to mention that this asana has calming effects: it quiets your mind!

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