Nude Yoga

Nude yoga helps you to view your body in a whole new light. It helps you to appreciate and take pride in how unique your body is and what it is capable of doing. It teaches you to embrace all of your imperfections and accept yourself. Nude yoga can be extremely beneficial for those with low self-esteem for those reasons. By removing the confides of clothing during practice you are able to strip away societies standards and celebrate your one of a kind body.

Practicing yoga naked gives a sense of freedom and confidence. Feeling the body move and breath with freedom from clothing helps connect the mind and body in a more sensual way. This helps to connect us with ourselves and brings inner awareness. Clothing reminds us of social norms and can distract from the real purpose of yoga. By shedding off the fabric of society, inner peace and acceptance can be obtained more easily. Practicing yoga relieves stress, increases energy, strengthens the body, increases stamina, increase flexibility, and improves respiratory health.

Nude yoga adds to these benefits by increasing self-esteem and acceptance. Having good mental health can bring its own health benefits. It can help the immune system by removing toxic emotions. Strong mental health along with a strong and healthy body can keep the body energized, healthy, and calm.

Nude yoga is a very personal and exposed form of yoga. There is no hiding anything during this sort of practice which can drive some away from wanting to try a nude yoga class. Doing nude yoga in private can be challenging for some, but doing nude yoga with a group of people can present a whole new set of challenges. Stripping down in front of a class full of people makes you hyper-aware of your body. This can be off-putting at first, but everyone else is naked too! It can be very empowering to be in a room full of naked people and put all of your focus into your yoga flow. It can be difficult to not feel self-conscious and to not compare your body to others, but doing yoga naked in front of other people forces you to confront your body’s differences and set them aside to practice. However, if practicing yoga in a room full of naked people does not seem enticing, nude yoga can always be done privately. There is no shame stripping down in the confines of your home to practice.

In today’s society, it can be difficult to not compare yourself to others. It can be easy to be swept up in mainstream media, wishing that you looked more like these famous and seemingly perfect individuals. Not only does nude yoga make you feel more comfortable in your skin, it also makes you confront your differences and accept that not everyone looks the same. By accepting our differences, we not only look at ourselves in a different light but also look at the world differently.

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