Yoga Props

How To Use Yoga Props To Enhance Your Practice?

Some poses might seem impossibly distant to you now, and the best way to practice them would be to do easier variations. Yoga props, such as blocks, pillows, straps, and walls, can aid you by modifying the postures. Once you are more confident, you may opt to remove the props and try doing the poses by yourself. Realistically, this is considered as the most natural way to advance in a pose. Without some sort of help, it is very likely that you would practice the posture with the wrong alignment; thus, it will not benefit you well and may also be a more significant risk to injury. For example, in a pigeon or straddle pose, you can first put elbows on a vertical block. Then, lower the block horizontally; and in the end, eradicate the block.

Props can also help us get rid of fear and build our confidence in some of the advanced poses. A great example of this would be arm balances which are best learned with the help of the wall. The best way to practice a posture is to do it; doing a headstand at the wall beats any plank or downward dog practice. Strengthening and conditioning can help with strength; but for alignment, nothing beats trying the actual pose. Also, specifically for arm balances, confidence is often the most significant bridge to pass; commonly the strength is not an issue at all. 

It is proven that higher flexibility is easier to reach with the help of a partner. In the same way, some things could never be achieved without some resistance. If you don’t have a partner, some straps or a wall could do this work for you. Some of the common uses of props for flexibility are to slide your legs on the wall in the split position or to use a strap to pull your leg closer in a standing split or dancer pose. Another good example is shoulder dislocation stretch with a strap. In this exercise, you should hold the strap with both hands, and they should be at about hip distance apart. Then rotate your arms towards your back with controlled movement. 

Props can also help you to be more creative and add more fun with your poses; and therefore, avoid monotony and practice with ease. Furthermore, they can allow you to play like a child when actually doing some serious work with your body. A great example of this is Aerial yoga, a recent trend which uses silk swings for assistance in poses. Since it is getting popular, you could easily find a class like this near you; or if you are really into it, invest in your own yoga swing to be able to practice aerial whenever you feel like it. 

All in all, props are a very powerful tool that we can and should make use of.

How Does Your Body Shaper Change Your Figure?

Body shapers have become a standard option when searching for a new outfit, with the option of built-in tummy control or a completely separate undergarment. Women have no shortage of options for pieces that are specifically designed to make them appear slimmer and sleeker and to conceal their actual size behind layers of fabric and compression. Name brands are plentiful on the mainstream market, and yoga apparel manufacturers are quickly increasing their body shapers available as well. 

This item sparked a lot of controversy in the yoga world because many would argue that it doesn’t promote an ideal of self-love or self-compassion. Adherents to the traditional yogic philosophy feel that these two elements are crucial to living well daily. Others argue that body shaper actually makes their practice more comfortable. 

Before you can really evaluate which side of the argument you fall on, it’s important to understand how a body shaper works to change your figure. 

  • One of the primary ways that a body shaper helps to conceal your trouble areas is through smoothing them out. It is particularly true of the undergarments designed for women that stretch from the lower thigh all the way to the top of the abdomen. An extra layer of fabric between your skin and your clothing can help to smooth out lumps, bumps, and wrinkles, which would typically make you appear larger. 
  • Second, it is an unavoidable fact that shapewear will also be tighter than a standard article of clothing. It is designed to take loose skin and hold it close to your body, similar to a pair of compression pants or shorts designed for working out rigorously. Keeping your body held more tightly together definitely serves to make your overall figure appear slimmer. 
  • Many of the apparel options that come with built-in shapewear will have a higher waist than the typical cuts of clothing. It is to ensure that the additional compression covers all trouble areas, especially every portion of your stomach. Higher coverage also allows yogis to wear only one item, as the shapewear no longer requires the use of an undergarment as well as the pants themselves. That is why high-waisted leggings have been such a prevalent fashion trend. They easily incorporate body shapewear into your clothing without advertising that you’re using fashion to appear smaller than you may really be. 
  • Keep in mind that your shapewear should still allow you to breathe and move easily. Overly restrictive items can make it difficult for you to move not only through your practice but throughout your daily activities. Your clothing should never feel harmful or painful, regardless of how slim it may make you appear to be. 

Shapewear can dramatically alter the appearance of your body shape, sometimes up to an entire size. However, each piece will use different tools and fabrics in the construction of the clothing. Feeling good about your body in the clothes you wear can definitely be an act of self-love and self-compassion, but make sure that your body shaper fits you appropriately first.

The Garland Pose – How to Do This Deep Squat Asana

The Garland Pose – How to Do This Deep Squat Asana

The garland pose or Malasana will provide freedom and flexibility to your spine and groins. Your body will gain strength and balance if you perform this asana on a regular basis. Also, this is great at relieving stress and quieting your mind. But let’s see the necessary steps to perform this pose.

Getting into the Pose

You must start the Malasana pose from the mountain asana. Stand tall and keep your spine straight as well as your entire body perfectly aligned. Keep your feet together. Optionally, you can spread your toes and even your soles for a better support and balance. Start bending your knees. You can do this a lot easier if you press your heels into the ground. Don’t forget to maintain an equal body weight on both feet. When your knees will be completely bent, your body should be in a position similar to a squat. The only difference is that this time, the garland squat pose is much deeper than a regular squat. Also, your knees must be as far apart from the other.

Next Steps

If you have troubles with your heels lifting from the ground, you can always use a folded blanket or mat to support them. Remember that the thighs must be wider than your torso. Still, your feet should be kept close together. Lean your upper body a bit in front while placing your upper arms to the inside part of your knees. Press your knees with your elbows without pushing your body way out of its comfort zone. Then, bring your palms together like in a prayer. Your hands should be close to your heart area, while your forearms must be parallel to the floor. Try to lift your torso and lengthen your spine as much as you can. Align your body and maintain your back straight. Also, keep your shoulders relaxed. Your body weight should be shifted into your heels. Hold this pose for about five breaths. To release the garland pose, you must extend your legs while you inhale and push your body up in a standing position. 

Additional Tips 

If you have a hard time finding your balance, you can keep your palms down on the floor and spread your fingers in front. Another solution is to use a yoga bolster or block and place it under the hips for a better support. 

All your movements must be slow and controlled. Avoid pushing or forcing your body in any way.

Maintain your legs engaged and tight. Avoid bouncing your hips or thighs up and down. Otherwise, you might overstrain your flexors and knees.

If you are doing this pose for the first time, try to bend your knees first. Then, once you get into a squat position, you can safely spread your knees. 

Summing It Up

The garland pose will help your groins gain more flexibility and freedom of movement. Also, it will lengthen your spine and create an overall balance throughout your entire body. Not to mention that this asana has calming effects: it quiets your mind!

Expanding Your Yoga Practice

As you continue with your yoga exercises, you will realize that your abilities increase as well. Your balance will get better, your strength will improve, and your flexibility will continue to expand. It is common to want to expand your practice with your new abilities. This can be a little difficult if it involves leaving your comfort zone. You can start by doing the advanced modification of poses that you already do, attending a higher level of classes, and you can also start on a journey towards the very advanced poses that may be out of your abilities currently.

Advanced Modification

Most yoga instructors are going to be aware of the range of abilities of their students. They prepare for this by having a number of different modifications for their commonly used poses. While some of these modifications are certainly going to be geared to those who are not as far in their practice, they will likely have several ways to make poses more challenging. This allows you, a student who is further along in their practice, to get more from the same sequence. You can talk to your instructor at a convenient time to find out what they recommend, and ways that you can push yourself further.

Higher Level Classes

At some point during your yoga journey, you will find that you just need more challenges to continue. While this can be a hard choice to make, as you will most likely be leaving an instructor and a group of people you are comfortable with, it is something that happens regularly. The new environment, including the fresh instructor, can push you in many different ways.

Goal Poses

Having a goal can help you grow your practice with a purpose. This can avoid some of the flounderings some intermediate yogis complain about. Your practice at the beginning was to get into the lifestyle and learn the basics. Once that has been accomplished, it is important to find something else to focus your intentions on.

There are some very difficult poses, which require great skill to achieve. Once you are settled into your yoga practice, you may want to set some goals that work towards these advanced poses. You can find many different guides on how to work up to poses, like the Frog pose that takes great strength and flexibility. To do this safely, it is important to listen to your body. Many of these poses are either something you can do or not do at all. With that in mind, the intermediate pose progression can help you work towards these end goals.

Your practice should lead you to continued improvement in your mind and body. Staying with the same poses and sequences can cause you to plateau on your journey. You may want to find ways to add more challenge through pose modification. However, that will only be a temporary way to keep growing. Eventually, you will have to look to more advanced classes and instructors who can further your knowledge. You can also find ways to add your own purpose to your practice by setting goals around specifically advanced poses that you would like to master. Finding your path through your practice can be done in any of these ways. Perhaps you will be able to perform some of these difficult yoga poses too, who knows? Thanks for reading!

Nude Yoga

Nude yoga helps you to view your body in a whole new light. It helps you to appreciate and take pride in how unique your body is and what it is capable of doing. It teaches you to embrace all of your imperfections and accept yourself. Nude yoga can be extremely beneficial for those with low self-esteem for those reasons. By removing the confides of clothing during practice you are able to strip away societies standards and celebrate your one of a kind body.

Practicing yoga naked gives a sense of freedom and confidence. Feeling the body move and breath with freedom from clothing helps connect the mind and body in a more sensual way. This helps to connect us with ourselves and brings inner awareness. Clothing reminds us of social norms and can distract from the real purpose of yoga. By shedding off the fabric of society, inner peace and acceptance can be obtained more easily. Practicing yoga relieves stress, increases energy, strengthens the body, increases stamina, increase flexibility, and improves respiratory health.

Nude yoga adds to these benefits by increasing self-esteem and acceptance. Having good mental health can bring its own health benefits. It can help the immune system by removing toxic emotions. Strong mental health along with a strong and healthy body can keep the body energized, healthy, and calm.

Nude yoga is a very personal and exposed form of yoga. There is no hiding anything during this sort of practice which can drive some away from wanting to try a nude yoga class. Doing nude yoga in private can be challenging for some, but doing nude yoga with a group of people can present a whole new set of challenges. Stripping down in front of a class full of people makes you hyper-aware of your body. This can be off-putting at first, but everyone else is naked too! It can be very empowering to be in a room full of naked people and put all of your focus into your yoga flow. It can be difficult to not feel self-conscious and to not compare your body to others, but doing yoga naked in front of other people forces you to confront your body’s differences and set them aside to practice. However, if practicing yoga in a room full of naked people does not seem enticing, nude yoga can always be done privately. There is no shame stripping down in the confines of your home to practice.

In today’s society, it can be difficult to not compare yourself to others. It can be easy to be swept up in mainstream media, wishing that you looked more like these famous and seemingly perfect individuals. Not only does nude yoga make you feel more comfortable in your skin, it also makes you confront your differences and accept that not everyone looks the same. By accepting our differences, we not only look at ourselves in a different light but also look at the world differently.

Practice Yoga for a Better Life

Practice Yoga for a Better Life

There are many reasons that many who take yoga classes also appreciate their health. Yoga is known for its numerous benefits but there is more to this. It is a proven medicine which also acts as a mood elevator. Whenever you feel down or something is stressing you and you have no idea what to do, consider taking yoga classes. The advantage of yoga is that you can practice it from wherever you are. 

What is the Most Popular Yoga Class?

Most of those that practice yoga have gone through asanas. It is the most popular type of classes that trains you on the various movement and breathing techniques. Breathing techniques are a great way to improve your health especially that of the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, the movement techniques that you learn here work on multiple body parts helping to sculpt the body just like you would wish to. Asanas is a great class especially for beginners.

How Does Yoga Boost Your Well-Being?

Good health is wealth and that is the reason you should focus on your health. Pain, tension and fatigue affect your productivity in a significant way. All this can be avoided when you regularly practice yoga. Your joints and muscles function better. Since yoga reduces pain, tension and fatigue, your overall flexibility is enhanced.

How Yoga Can Help You Concentrate Better

Concentration is vital in everyday life. Whether you are at work, a stay at home mom or studying, you need to concentrate. Concentration is a great determinant of one’s success and can help you handle situations better. Do you have concentration issues? Your mind gets swept away to a point that you have no idea how you spend your time? Yoga classes could be of great benefit. Besides helping you concentrate better, it is a practice that will help you deal with insomnia. No more sleepless nights and the quality of your sleep will improve. 

Embrace Yoga for a Better Life

Yoga is a practice that everyone should embrace due to the many ways it improves lives. Each class that you opt for has its own benefits. The great advantage is that you do not have to engage in complicated exercises for you to become an expert or to reap maximum benefits. There are different types of yoga classes that you can choose from depending on the benefits that you require. 

One thing is that when it comes to yoga classes there are many types that you can choose from. The process of choosing the most suitable yoga class can be a challenge. As a beginner, you should not worry about complicated moves as there are simple ones to practice until you get used to it. A yoga teacher slowly guides you according to your pace. You may opt to choose a more relaxed type of class or an active one or even combine these two.